Free Next Day Delivery 5 Miles from Billericay, Essex
Free Next Day Delivery 5 Miles from Billericay, Essex
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The Journey or is it a roller-coaster …..

As I sit to write this post in the shop, with the sun shining bright, thinking how amazing this weather this, wishing it to stay for the whole of the summer, realising my wedding finger is looking slightly swollen, purple even!, to the point I need to take my rings off, as they are leaving a rather attractive indent into my finger! With a struggle and a lot of force the rings are off (and a bit of licking!) the rings are off! - I love being pregnant in this heat! 
I am currently 28 +2 weeks pregnant with our second bundle of joy and oh boy is the second time round very different to the first!
I feel like I breezed through my first pregnancy, none of the typical pregnancy symptoms, issues etc, I was super lucky. But second time round... wow! Maybe it is because we are expecting a little girl this time, or it could be the fact I am working full time, on my feet a lot of the day and chasing a 2 year old round when home, whilst trying to take control of the bedtime routine and not let our little boy rule the house! - I mean any one of those things could be adding to the stress of being pregnant I'm sure! 
But I think to my self - it can be done.. other women do it successfully, working and being a mummy, so just take each day as it comes - bite sized, is what I try and work with each day. Other wise I think I will be sat in the shop having a little cry whilst maybe rocking in the corner thinking how am I going to get through this next chapter of our journey - not sure what my lovely customers would think of that, even in this sunshine!
Because of this beautiful weather (and my fat fingers) I have decided to offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders online! 
Enjoy this beautiful weather, grab an ice cream, find a seat and have a browse through our gorgeous summer wear we have online. 
I'm off to plunge my hands in cold water, to help the swelling! - the struggle is real! 
Have a fabulous day! 

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