Free Next Day Delivery 5 Miles from Billericay, Essex
Free Next Day Delivery 5 Miles from Billericay, Essex
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So it Begins....

From 1st November 2017 I became the owner of my 1st shop! Very exciting but stressful all at the same time. From working in London for the last 9 years as a buyer to working locally, owning and running the day to day workings of my own Baby Boutique. How everything can change, but I believe change can be good! Having a strong family to support me has been unbelievable, I am not sure I would have been able to take the leap if it hasn't been for them!

Working 2 jobs with a little boy under 2 is hard work! Sending lots of love to me Family and Friends right now!

Engaging with so many lovely and helpful suppliers has made the transition for me so much smoother! I am very grateful for that and hope that we continue to have a great working relationship in the future.

Lastly where would I be without the lovely customers I have int he Boutique! - after the technical issues I had at the beginning with the card machine (which was very lucky not to have been thrown out the winnow and driven over by a passing car!) - thank you to everyone for baring with me, taking the Boutique online gives everyone the opportunity to browse at the new stock over a cuppa tea when you have a few free minutes, ordering online and keeping up to date with events happening over the coming months, plus with first alerts of sales - get subscribed!!  Yet still having the presence in the High Street to really showcase our beauty stock.

I look forward to meeting more customers and having a chat when you visit the shop! 

For my first little blog - Hello, Thank you and Speak Soon! :)




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